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Are you struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst the chaos of modern life? Dreaming of making better choices but end up reaching for that bag of chips or skipping the gym? I’ve crafted a course to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality.

Introducing “Self-Discipline for a Healthy Lifestyle” – your comprehensive guide to building lasting habits and breaking free from dietary and exercise constraints.

What You’ll Learn:

Wholesome Eating Mastery – Dive into nutritional insights that debunk myths, teaching you how to enjoy food while nourishing your body.

Exercise Evolution – Transform the way you view fitness. No more dread! Learn techniques that make workouts exciting, fulfilling, and, most importantly, sustainable.

Mindset & Motivation – Develop the inner strength to push past temptations and stay on track, even on tough days.

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Luciana Couto

I change women’s lives all over the world.

Welcome to my unique approach to wellness. It’s not about restrictive diets, extreme workouts, or quick fixes. It’s about loving and honouring your body and your mind.

Drawing on my values, certifications, and past experiences, I’ve designed the Luciana Wellness Method. This method is rooted in Yoga Philosophy to shift your mindset about health and fitness.

With me, you’ll achieve your best version by gaining consistency and discipline. You’ll also build the best relationship ever with both your body and mind.