Choose a few swaps from the cheat sheet and start eating healthier – zero stress!

✔ Simple suggestions that change the nutrients of your plate without sacrificing flavor.

✔ Explanations on how these changes matter, putting you in control of your choices.

✔ Learn why healthy eating doesn’t have to mean restrictive diets. (All the contrary!)

I change women’s lives all over the world. But not the way you think.

Hi, I’m Luciana, a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Health Coach, and RYT-200 Yoga Alliance. I’m passionate about empowering women to live their best lives.

My unique approach to wellness isn’t about restrictive diets, extreme workouts, or quick fixes. It’s about learning to love and honor your body and mind.

We’ll work together, one step at a time. Expect to be inspired to move your body, nourish yourself with healthy food, and expand your mind with new ideas and self-reflection.

Together, we’ll practice yoga, cook delicious meals, explore insightful books, and challenge your perspectives.

Accept my invitation and become not a new woman, but the woman you were meant to be: the best version of yourself.

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